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      I’m a DL retiree and have not traveled international in many years. I’m now planning a trip. I looked at Travelnet to search out flights. Some of the flights are KLM codeshares (KLM metal all the way). One flight is DL/KLM (DL to europe and KLM to final destination).

      I’m unable to book the flights using Travelnet; even the flt that is DL to europe/KLM to final destination. I thought DL retirees could travel for free on codeshare flights. Why am I unable to book these flights? TIA for any information you can share.

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      Are you trying to book the Delta numbered flight or the Code share flight ?
      The code share flight may begin with 4 digits of which maybe the last two
      match the Delta flight i.e. ATL-AMS DL 0072 and KLM 6072.
      On the TravelNet site the KLM 6072 is greyed out and cannot be listed for
      but the DL 0072 can be.
      For flights under the KLM schedule the work-around is to purchase a ZED fare.
      Can’t answer questions any further all my information is dated.
      Suggest you try another more active forum LINK:

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