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      How do the buddy passes work when it comes to flying internationally? When I look at flights on Delta, if the flights say they are operated by another airline, does that mean I cannot fly those with the buddy pass? For example, if the connection flight is operated by Alitalia or Air France, does that mean I cannot fly with a Buddy Pass for those flights?

      Do I pay for the buddy pass in advance, and then show up and say I want to fly standby?

      Let’s say I choose a flight I want to try for, if I make it on my first flight, but not the connection, how does that work? And how does that work when checking luggage?

      I was considering a round trip ticket, but I’m not sure how long I will be staying—I may stay the entire summer in Europe. If so, when do I commit to a return date, or is that flexible with the buddy pass?

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