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      I was wondering if anyone could help me figure out seat availability on the DL 408 flight from JFK to BRU on 1/11. I plan on returning 1/19 but realize that's a bit far away to really predict right now. Also, if any other pass riders know of a way to get a somewhat accurate seat count without bugging your “buddy,” I would appreciate any help! Sometimes when I'm overseas it's easier to check online that make a phone call back to the states.I've used Buddy Passes twice now, and so far I've been very lucky and gotten on! Though last time, their constant announcements of the flight being full sure made me nervous! Yet there were still openings in BusinessElite when I got on. Phew!Thank you all for all of your help!And thanks Delta for extending privledges to Friends! I have family in the airline (aunt and uncle) and being a niece is too far removed to enjoy any privedges...Kudos to Delta!!

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