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      We used buddy passes in 2013 and could not get off the big island with a buddy pass. There was always 15 people ahead of us each day and after 3 days purchased tickets to fly home.

      How hard is it to fly buddy pass (3 or 4th down the priority line) from Kona, HI to the mainland and back to Atlanta?

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      Impossible! The only non-revs that are able to get on any flights at all are S1’s and S2’s. As a Buddy Pass rider on Delta in 2015, you will never get on a flight. Delta overbooks every flight and the overbooked people get the extra seats. Put the money you spend on a Buddy Pass towards a confirmed seat that you can purchase at the cheapest rate about 6 weeks out from your travel date on sites such as Good luck!

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      Buddy passes are almost the last people to get on the airplane if they
      get on at all.
      With that in mind another alternate plan is order:
      If stuck on the Big Island then fly to Oahu where there are
      more flights with larger aircraft to increase you chances of getting on.

      I always considered Buddy Passes to be a form of a cruel gift !
      A post by Kay45 had a good point made to buy a reservation ticket and
      forget the Buddy Passes. You have a confirmed seat and don’t have to
      worry about standing by for fruitless flights. The lowest fare is often
      just a few dollars more than the buddy pass if purchased a few months
      in advance of travel and another thing you will at least be able to
      sit together rather than be assigned seats from a standby list that may not be.
      Of course this purchase of a reservation ticket does have some drawbacks
      like baggage fees (except if done with an affinity Delta credit card)
      and unlike the buddy pass if not used it can not be refunded. But you
      made the reservation and where planning to go weren’t you ?

      With the Buddy passes you are stuck on Delta – with Kayak or other websites
      you can search for the lowest fare on a multitude of airlines perhaps even
      less expensive than Delta’s.

      Another thing to consider for travel to Hawaii is that the flights are not
      so heavy in late spring and in the autumn. Beware of Spring Break and any
      holiday time most importantly Thanksgiving and the Presidents holidays.
      Christmas and New Years it is possible to slip thru the cracks but don’t
      get your hopes up.

      Still bent on using a cheap buddy pass – think about using the pass from
      an interior city i.e. Atlanta Chicago Denver Salt Lake to a west coast city i.e.
      Los Angeles San Francisco Seattle – then use the cheap reservation ticket
      round trip to the island and returning use to pass again on the last leg.
      Do the math and see if this fits and is worth it or just simply buy the
      reservation ticket and be done with it. Avoid buying ONE-WAY tickets with
      no breaks paying full fare !

      “Friends don’t give their friends Buddy Passes” !

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