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      What are the chances of getting on the flight from LAX-SYD in early August 2012?

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      Unless you have a really high priority buy a full fare ticket by all means.DL 17 LAX-SYD flights both ways are completely overbooked through the summer.

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      Another option call Quantas or United to get an idea of the loads they are transporting.Probably just as full as ours - BUT - both of these carriers take the ZED (Zone) fare ticketwhich is a great deal less than the revenue ticket.ZED fares don't work for Buddy pass riders.See if you can get on the United or Quantas website and see the seating mask like youcan do with - gives you a visual look at the availability.See if the SYD-HNL ticket is less expensive than the SYD-Mainland fare.Instead of having 1 flight a day from SYD-LAX you have more options on DL out of HNLto the mainland. Summer time not so good - winter a bit better - Spring & Autumn so-so.Think of another round-a-bout option of SYD-Toyko or other Southeast Asian city servedby Delta or perhaps a code share partner. Remember the complications of VISAs requirementwhen looking at round-a-bout options.Changes to Buddy Passes probably not possible.And when all else fails think of the horrors of buying a ticket and earning miles for another trip.Before buying a Delta ticket sign up for a SkyMiles account!Delta has a 20% off ticket "Fly Confirmed for Less" and Fly Confirmed for Even Less" (about 35% off)for employees and retirees - but not for Buddy passes!And check with Delta.Com for buying a ticket which sometimes beats the employee discounted ticket.If you have not signed up for a Credit Card (I suggest the American Express card) do so and earnmiles for the signing. On your first trip extra bonus miles may be added and then when you payyour AX credit card bill earn even more miles.Not all the answers one may be seeking but some alternate ideas for getting some place you really want to go to.rma

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