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      Hi, My wife and I are planning a trip to PHX in May. We listed ourselves on the non-rev list, after some though we decided that due to a short time to make the trip that we would just purchase the tickets. The question is how do we take ourselves off the non-rev list? We have looked the Travelnet site over but I guess we just keep missing something. Any help will be greatly appreciated, great site by the way.

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      Cancel Listing – – – Log into DeltaNetClick on TravelNetUnder Manage My Account - drop down menu click on My ListingsClick on 6 digit/letter Record Locator of the one you want to cancelListing appears and lower right corner red box Cancel Listing - Click on itClick on "YES" and done Now before you log off - are you buying an employee discount ticket ?If so TravelNet drop down menu under Leisure Travel - Fly Confirmed Discount ProgramFill in the blanks and information to buy your 20% off fare or further discounted fare.Closing "Do Not Travel on Standby on the Flight you bought your tickets on" !rma

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      R. M. Anderson, Thank you very much, just what I needed to know. I have been retired since 1999 and haven't flown in all that time, I am looking forward to it very much although not the TSA hurdle

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