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Looking for a copy of the Non-Rev Boarding Priority Matrix

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      Would someone pleas post the

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      I posted one of those previously and removed it because of Deltas objection to copying and reproducing its material.Log into the DeltaNet with your employee ID number and password.Go to travelnet and look for a flight later today or early tomorrow i.e. JFK-LAX and click on the NRSA listings - then click on the Airport Standby List.Now there should be at least one or more revenue types trying for an upgrade to the front cabin.Notice their upgrade or standby class is highlighted - click on that highlighted code i.e. UP3 UP4 etc. or if no revenue upgrades then click on thepass class of any non-rev i.e. S3 S3b S4.After you do this a new window will open with everything you want to know about pass upgrade priorities - - - - - Make note of how you got to this point - you may save it to your computer but do not print and copy for publication. You could print a copy forputting into your wallet for reference in the future.The list is composed of about 40 some classes of upgrades and passes - WOW - now you know why it is so difficult to get on board and without a computera flight would never leave the gate on time !

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