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      juan benitez

      Hello,My name is Juan Pablo Benitez, I am from Paraguay. My brother is travelling to The states with a buddy pass, he had an indirect fly to Buenos Aires, Argentina and then he needs to take a plane to atlanta. he has been in the EZEIZA airport in Buenos aires for 7 days (an entire week) and he could not get into any flight, he has no money left, he has no place to stay, and Delta officers told him to wait till saturday. (that would sum a total of 13 days in an airport). I do not know what to do, my brother is far away, we have no money to send to him, I just want to ask if you could do something to help us, please let him board a plane, give him some priority, there should be a maximum of days policy, at least for indirect flies. if you do not have, please you should get one.

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      I am sorry that your brother has not been able to get on the flight. Standby for each flight is determined individually, it does not matter how many flights you have tried before. It is important to have back up plans and that may include buying a ticket home or to a destination with a better chance of getting on.

Viewing 1 reply thread
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