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      Hey guys,Im looking to fly from Minneapolis to Bangkok in early June on a buddy pass. Does anyone have any experience with getting to Thailand on a buddy pass during this time? From what I understand its the slow season? Hows the return trip in late August/early September? I'm open to any suggestions (alternate flights, cheap guaranteed tickets, etc). Thanks!

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      The initial flight to the Asian theatre should not be too much of a problem – Ahem !MSP NRT non stop and then what to do - I can only guess have not been there to do that.More MSP-SEA and Asia new routes coming - - - OK problems with that then MSP-DTW (Detroit) and non stop to Asia ?Another possible scenario (back door) MSP-LAX (Los Angeles) SYD (Sydney) and then the back door OFF LINE - Qantas - Singapore - others ?And lastly MSP-ATL - non stop to Asia probably not so good but check it out who knows ?Traveling thru Japan caution on holidays as well as any other countries.Have access to the DeltaNet research and plan and go back to drawing board - put the numbers in and crunch them.If things look a bit tough international coach fares are not all that bad with a confirmed seat - look at standby on the easy ones and ticket on the tough ones !Check the other Delta Non-Rev forum: (more activity over there)

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