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      Welcome back and I hope you like our new forum. It's much more user friendly, full of great features, and, best of all, should be spam-resistant! Hope you love it!

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      Hi there…it is great that we have this forum now, the only thing not a lot of peple know about. Do you think there is the way to have it linked from acs, inflight, res

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      Probably not…we need to tell as many people as we can! The more people that use it, the more useful information it'll have! Pass the word around.

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      Hi, I just stumbled onto this link I will have to think about what I clicked on to get here so I thought I would e-mail my Delta friends who love to travel.Maybe there is a more popular spot to place the link for a while until more people know.....

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      Forgive my outrageous ignorance (I'm so new to this, but already successful in booking an S2 between ATL/PLS) — but I can't figure out how to post a question of my very own?

Viewing 4 reply threads
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