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      Hi,I have a buddy pass to travel from CVG to FCO later this week. I have never used a buddy pass before. My current flight plan is CVG --> ATL --> FCO.Is there a way to estimate probability of getting a seat ?When I use the main Delta web-site and look at purchasing seats on these flights, they are almost full in coach on both flights. On the other hand, when I look at purchasing tickets on CVG --> EWR --> FCO, those flights are approx half full in Coach.So, is there a strategy that is used to make travel plans in the days preceding the flights ?Is there a better information system than using the main Delta web page and looking at seat availability on different flights ?Do I have the ability to make changes to my flight plan, or is that done only by the Delta employee who provided me the buddy passes ?And ... do I pay a change fee for making changes in the last few days before the flights ?Thanks for your advice.

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      Your friend has to look up specific availability for you, but nothing is really set in stone. If your friend says you have a decent chance, go for it…you never know. The closer you get to the flight's departure, the more accurate your friend's numbers will be. That's the hard part of non-rev travel. You can change dates on your buddy pass without paying, but if you want to alter the cities you might be subject to a $25 fee plus whatever the difference in the fare is.

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