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      My father is a retired employee and I have my old flight pass card with his ppr and hire date. I haven't traveled using a pass in 10 years. Will I need any other information to list by phone? How about once I get to the airport? At what point do I pay the yield fare? Getting my father to walk me through the process isn't an option due to illness and I am hoping to travel tomorrow. A quick walkthru/help would be greatly appreciated.

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      Doing the listing on the internet (DeltaNet – TravelNet) would be faster and easier – – – HOWEVER if all you have is the old method then I resurrected one of my old posts to help in listing - - -**********File this away so when you do not have computer you can still check loads:The non-rev phone listing info number is - - - 1-800-325-7123.After dialing that number you must have your 9 digit employee number to enter and the 6 digit employee seniority date.Then simply follow the prompts.The prompts are either voice or using the numeric key pad on the phone - or even a combination of both once you get started.*********

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