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      I am wondering if there is a way to check past loads on particular flights to get a sense of whether they are often oversold on particular days. I am pretty flexible with my vacation/adventure travel, and want to find the flights that I am most likely to get a seat assignment for, as I’m sure we all do.

      Example: I want to go to Europe July 2-5, but I assume there are some flights that are nearly impossible to get on. On Travelnet I put myself on a Rome flight, but it’s already 0/0. I originate out of BTV, but I can easily get to DTW, ATL or LGA/JFK.

      I ran across which seems to offer this service for $6/month but wanted to check here to see if anyone else has a strategy they use.


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      Delta doesn’t participate at . I had signed up for it in July 2014, but a few months later their listings stopped appearing. I queried and found out that Delta had opted out.

      From their Airline list page:

      American and Delta Airlines have opted-out, their flight options will not be included.

      Hope this helps.

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      OLD DATED POST – – – 6/22/15
      1st REPLY – – – 9/22/15

      I have never used that link.
      Since Delta’s flight records are only available for review for about 24 hours after the flight the best way
      for a history search is to check that flight daily over a period of time to get an idea of how it pans out.
      Suggest checking to look at the seat mask before gate control takes over the flight.
      Compare the empty seats to the Airport Standby List (ASL) and then factor in the Listed non-revs –
      this should give you a glimpse or small snapshot of how the flight is cleared and filled.
      Holidays and specific times of the year i.e. spring break; Easter; Thanksgiving and Christmas will of course
      have different space available results.
      The thing to remember is 24 hours after a flight has been completed the only way to access the passenger
      records is with supervisor or management approval and credentials.
      NOT going to happen for non-revs !
      So one must do the homework daily in advance of the flight there are no real shortcuts unless you have contact
      with the gate agent working that flight which may or may not be a consistent assignment !

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