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      Planned a trip of the life time with a relative buddy. Deltas was able to get my family of three to the first of two lay overs. Everything went down hill from there. We were stranded in an airport 14 hours from home with no luggage (should have done carry on) no meds no nothing. (My fault for having confidence in Delta). Was left there for three and half days and told could possible be seven days had to rent a car to get home. My luggage made it – but we never did – and our luggage as of this post has not made it back. Repeatedly told NR ticket (that I paid $400.00 for total of $1200.00 for family) so you are low priority. Worst trip ever – Worst Airlines Ever – will never fly Delta again!!! This policy has totally ruined me and the hundreds of other passengers I spoke with this past week in the same situation. Some of them we were not fortunate enough to have funds to rent a car and get home – devastating to say the least! Just my warning the savings on the cost of the ticket is NOT WORTH THE RISK!!!! Loss of time, Loss of money, Loss of Sanity, and Loss of friendships is NOT WORTH IT. I find it hard to believe that such a large company can not correct this system so as not to put there employees friends and family in this type of situation. The employee ticket allows them to have higher priority then than my buddy ticket so they made it. My trip of a life time has now been ruined – and I am still praying my luggage that has had a grand trip will make it home. I also have been told it is the employee fault – my feelings is Delta should have never allowed us to leave our home destination if they could not get us to our final destination within a reasonable amount of time. That would have been less cruel!!! Or black out days, many other ideals in this day of technology – just plan bad customer service. If you read this post – and choose to go on your trip anyways – I suggest no layovers and carry you luggage with you. Otherwise you will get no sympathy or help from Delta. They will forever be know as the Uncaring Airlines!!!

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      annie o

      Drear stranded, first of all whom ever gave you the pass should have explained how it works. I have been pass riding with Delta for 20 yrs.
      Always have a backup plan and know the availability to purchase a ticket or with another airline from the layover stop and hotels transportation etc.I have had to do just that, and with no surprises!
      It is not Deltas responsibility to cater to you. It is your PRIVALAGE to be a guest with them. Pass riding is a gamble, not a gaurantee. Sorry who ever got them for you did not properly explain just that. Sorry for the frustration.
      A tip for you in the future is always do your homework for a backup plan, know other flight times, other airlines schedules to that destination etc. had I not done my homework last year, I would have been stuck in Toronto for 3 days! on a full fare ticket with Canada air…..
      In travel it pays to have a small carry on with personal effect, and a change of clothes(have had lost luggage) know your alternate routes to wherever you are going, if stranded they aren’t going to tell you what they are(all airlines) they aren’t your travel agent. If going international always have at least 100 cash in their currency( in case your flight is late and you need a ride, meal etc.. Not everyone takes plastic(be there and done that one also)
      Hope this helps…..

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      Non-Reving ain’t what it used to be like in the glory days of 70’s.
      That being noted if seeking or being offered a Buddy Pass THINK
      VERY CAREFULLY ! This is not the 70’s 80’s 90’s – flights are full
      these days.
      Compare buying a revenue ticket with reservation include any
      baggage charges (if on Delta you MAY get it waived) and any
      other offline carrier’s silly charges like carry-on charge etc.
      Compare this against taking a no over sale protection – no guaranteed
      seat assignment standby ticket.
      For a few dollars more with a reservation you will get on the
      flight and if booked early enough get a seat be it a window or aisle
      instead of the last middle seat in the house in the engine room (back of a
      rear engine aircraft) or in the vicinity of a high traffic toilet (blue room)!
      Yes there are few flights that lucky non-revs get on and even
      perhaps in a economy comfort class – very rarely in the business
      first class section – but forget this lucky stuff if traveling
      at a time of high traffic between heavily traveled cities.

      One of the forums I frequent there is always the bemoaning of
      why some frequent flyer did not get upgraded to first/business
      class AND the response from the seasoned frequent flyers posting
      in that section is “IF YOU WANT FIRST CLASS BUY FIRST CLASS” this
      to be guaranteed a first class seat.
      Well this could very easily be compared to a non-rev wanting to
      just get a seat on a flight – “IF YOU WANT A SEAT ON THE AIRPLANE
      (FLIGHT) “BUY” A SEAT” !

      Strong medicine but look – take a close look if you know of your
      travel plans several weeks in advance compare the price of the
      ticket against the buddy pass; zed fare etc. and then look at
      the schedule if traveling in prime time realize that non-reving
      is going to be tough at any price and if you purchase a revenue
      ticket you are locking in the price and your travel commitment.
      No more worries here – your travel plans will go off in the time
      frame that you want without standby interruptions.
      If taking a cruise or some other expensive tour THINK very carefully
      about what the interruption is going to do to your sane health
      if traveling on standby – the ole “GET ME TO THE SHIP ON TIME”
      will be the most important thing on your travel agenda !
      Going standby for a short weekend visit that can be rescheduled
      time and time again OK that is a great time for standby travel –
      but when serious travel plans are in the mix being cheap is a bad
      decision – standby travel is not the answer !
      In closing my personal statement:

      The OP of this thread has been exposed to this bad behavior on the part of the giver !

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