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      We are planning to go to Paris in June.

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      One of my previous posts answering similiar question:OK - here you go:First log in to the Deltanet web site: window Deltaextranet: Click on Employee or Retiree ..... New window log in with your -9- digit employee number (username) and your password .....New window you are now at the DeltaNet --- Look at the banner at the upper right for TravelNet --- click on it .....New window Flight availability and Listing --- hover your mouse over Leisure Travel in the upper left banner ---A drop down menu appears for Space available non-revenue listing; Fly Confirmed for Less and Interline travel.Click on Fly Confirmed Discount Programs .....New window with general data about the program --- Click on Reserve My Flight in the lower right corner .....New window with space to put specific flights or general routing --- put in any all data required and click on CONTINUE .....New window opens with selections to pick from - after making your selection(s) click on CONTINUE .....New window with Create Reservation - after reviewing for changes then click the box under Passengers and fill in therequired phone contact - click on CONTINUE .....New window TSA page - click on the box near the statement beginning - I understand..... then click on CONTINUE .....New window with Fare Quote appears - under the fare you select click on the button then CONTINUE TO TICKETING .....New window Credit Card Payment - - - fill in the blanks and Continue -Final page (window) to making confirmed reservation and giving you your PNR (Passenger Name Record) - - -Going further and you will be able to make a seat selection from the seat mask on the flight you reserved.Then 24 hours before flight departure you can check-in from home or other location and receive a printed boarding pass.Now in the unlikely event the fares go higher you are protected - if the fares change and go down you can apply for anadjustment - minimum requirement being made.If within 24 hours of making the reservation something comes up and you have to cancel your trip you should be ableto get a full refund. After 24 hours check the rules or see or call Delta.Not the complete 9 yards - but should get you the information that you need to work this out.Additional Note:The Fly Confirmed for Less is 20% of the fare including code share flights "BUT" not the taxes; fees and TSA charges if any.The Fly Confirmed for Even Less is a % just a bit more than the above program 'But' DOES NOT INCLUDE CODE SHARE FLIGHTSagain only the fare not the taxes & fees.The 20% discount plan gives you skymiles if you are enrolled in that program and in most cases a refundable ticket withchange fees. Use the Employee American Express card and get double* miles free checked bag and priority boarding withadvanced seat selection.* Double miles = 1 mile for each dollar & 1 mile for each actual flight mile. And First Class or Business gets you 50% moreactual bonus miles. The Confirmed for EVEN less tickets are NON-Refundable and no miles accrued but if using the American Express card youwill get miles for the dollar amount of the ticket ($1 = 1 skymile) and still get the baggage check & priority boarding.Features of these programs are subject to change and your usual mileage will vary blaa blaa blaa etc. and so forth. That should give you a start and a good idea.Also one last thought - If you book a seat on a flight "DO NOT CANCEL AND ATTEMPT TO FLY THAT FLIGHT ON STANDBY"Your pass priviledges may be revoked.Bonne chance et avoir un vol en toute sécurité!R.M.Anderson

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