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Non-reving during the holidays: To Go or Not To Go?

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      Hello All, I am attempting to travel to Australia from Columbus on December 11th to the 20th, with my companion and 2 Buddy passers. The buddy pass priority date is 1987. Anyways, I am wondering a few things: 1. there are 13 first and 24 coach open from SYD to LAX. This number has dropped from about 60 totals seats 2 weeks ago, can I expect it to drop below 15 total open seats? Also, how hard is it to come east from LA on the 23rd of December? Is this a heavy travel day? All in all, I don't want to bring friends on a trip and not be able to get them back in time for X-mas.Thoughts? Any help is appreciated!

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      I hope you do get through and are home in time for the holidays. I am also considering flying for the holidays. I was wondering if there was anyone that had two extra buddy passes they won't use this year that are still available. I need to fly AMS-ATL by the 21st. Please if you are interested email me at [email protected] !Thanks

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      Non Reved during the Holidays in 2009 ATL-DUB.It was weather in the North East that really caused a lot of issues on the Delta network.My return flight from DUB was open but several other airlines cancelled flights which caused a ripple effect.Good luck!

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