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      My husband and I have S3B flights privileges on Delta flights due to our son’s previous employment with Delta. We are going to Europe in September and have already purchased airfare on Delta flights. We bought Economy class tickets and was wondering if there is any rule that states that you can’t list for stand-by travel in Business class if you have a paid ticket. Would like to do it from ATL to CDG and BCN to ATL

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      You probably can’t do this. If you list for standby travel, you will need to purchase the non-rev ticket, and then you’ll have two tickets. You can refund your non-rev ticket, but then you won’t get to sit in business class. You can’t really refund your economy ticket, since it’s probably restricted. And if you took the business class seat and didn’t cancel your economy ticket, you’d be logged as a no-show (if they didn’t catch that the names on the two reservations were the same), and then your return economy ticket would be cancelled automatically. In that case, you could get stuck because there might not be non-rev/standby availability on your way home.

      Also, it’s frowned upon to book two seats on the plane, and if it’s discovered your son may have some trouble with his own account.

      Good luck!

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