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      Nonrevenue travelers returning from Guatemala during the next week may face the possibility of not being boarded.Delta Flight 692, a Boeing 767 aircraft from Guatemala City to Atlanta, has been restricted because of heavy cargo loads and high temperatures this week, and the situation is not expected to improve for nonrevs until next week.“On Wednesday, we were forced to leave 15 nonrevs behind,” said Pablo Bonifaz, station manager for Guatemala and El Salvador. “Several of them said they saw empty seats in the [TravelNet] system, and they couldn’t believe that a 767 could be restricted.”The issue is not lack of seats, Pablo explained. “The rest of this week and next, we expect more cargo,” he said. “Guatemala airport is restricted because of its high altitude, and the weather has been very hot during the time of the operation. The high cargo loads and heat affect the plane’s lift.”

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