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      Can anyone tell me what it is like to Nonrev out of Paris? The last time I did it was many years ago and they kept you in a separate area until close to departure. You barely had enough time to get to the plane if you got a seat.

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      I nonrevved out of CDG for the first time a month ago. You cannot use the kiosks. Go directly to Delta ticketing. You may have to fill out a form at the desk so have the employee's PRN and hire date handy. After that, it was a breeze. We waited at the gate with the other Delta/Air France passengers.

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      Be sure to give yourself PLENTY of time.

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      We are going to Paris, on Zed fares. Our departure is going to be flight 32 SEA-CDG. On the return we are flying AF 1240 CDG-AMS (7:20-8:40 am) then connecting to Delta flight 143 AMS-SEA(10:00-11:23 am) they are on two separate reservations, since they are two carriers. My concern is although it is a “legal” connection I wouldn’t be checked in for the AMS-SEA and I could miss the checkin cutoff of international once arriving in AMS. So my question is does anyone know if there are kiosks in CDG that I could check in for the AMS-SEA before the Air France flight. Or could the Delta agents in CDG possibly check me in before I leave on the 7:20 am AF flight. Thank you for any help!!

Viewing 3 reply threads
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