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      Based on previous experience, how loaded are the flights on Dec 20?

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      I am not the expert on this so someone else with answers Please do the honors !I pulled; copied and pasted the N/R flight listing(s) for your travel date 12/20/2012 - JFK-BUE (EZE)You are going ONE-WAY on this ???You will first have to contend with getting to Atlanta (ATL) then the non-stop leg on Flight 101.Flight 101 uses 767 equipment at this time/posting and I can not predict if this route will have anembargo or Load Optimization plan in effect for the date you want to travel.Noted that you have yourself as a 'Buddy Pass' classification this could have serious complications fortravel so close to the Christmas Holidays.Your buddy pass sponsor if able should check 2 or 3 days either side of the travel date you have selectedfor maybe a better opportunity to travel without hassel. Your sponsor if he/she has access to the Delta.ComTravelNet can see the same information I have shown below:

Viewing 1 reply thread
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