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      I don't understand why DeltaNet did not warn pass riders about the Japanese Oban Festival starting in mid-August, 2012.

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      I am not an official spokesperson for Delta Air Lines – “BUT”the travel in question was not embargoed just noted as beingdifficult (very difficult) as all non-revenue travel is.It is not a walk in the park. I wanted to travel to Europe thissummer but had to curtail my plans because of the SummerOlympics causing way too many variables to consider.Some of these variables are hard to quess for a solution.Unfortunately the buddy passes can not use the ZED (zonefares) that the employees active and retired can.With that somewhat in mind if there is a next time plan onbuying a revenue ticket from Bangkok to Seoul to routearound the trouble spot in Japan. Thinking of another alternativeBangkok to HongKong or Manila or even perhaps to Sydney.All these cities have Delta service and might be the escaperoute home.Bear in mind that even though a flight may show tons of seatsopen days or weeks in advance a last minute cancellation byDelta or one of its partners or even another carrier can tossan awful lot of revenue customers into those what were emptyseats.Some countries have a great deal more holidays than we do inthe good ole USA.Delta is more than likely to have you accept the responsibilityof knowing or checking on the dates for these holidays in foreigncountries to plan your travel.Travel anywhere in the summer is a real challenge and most ofthe flights I check for the Forum users have the disclaimer ofembargo - weight critical (LoadOpt) pop up windows.In Europe it is easy to just fly to another city and take theeurail train to the other city that was hard to get to.Not so easy in Asia where you may have to buy a revenue ticketto circumvent the trouble spot.Since buddy passes are next to bottom of the standby list oneshould always have a plan 'B' or 'C'.Pass travel in any category does not have the positive travelexpectations that a confirmed revenue ticket does.Being flexible on time is very critical to getting from A to B.Closing point - "Sorry" that your plans did not work out as planned !I am as excited about giving my buddy passes away but not soexcited to explain that as I noted earlier "It is not a walk in park" !rma

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      Thank you so much!

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