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      I have a question about the open jaw routing.Two of my relatives are touring Europe and riding on buddy passes, and the ultimate goal is to get them back home to Seattle. Routing there was SEA-AMS. There routing coming back would be from MXP-JFK-SEA. The loads from JFK are not looking to great right now - Can I add a JFK-MSP-SEA or does that violate the open jaw routing and they got to hang out in New York till it clears out?

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      Hi,I think you should be fine sending them through MSP. Any type of routing usually works. I would say that they would rather go on the direct flight, though. why don't you leave things as they are for now, and then, a day before they come home, check the loads, and relist them accordingly. I've done that many times and there is usually no change in fare, and no trouble. At the airport, they can also change to other flights. For example, if the jfk-sea flight were full, I suspect they would just relist them on the next flight (or comibnation of flights) to sea. Let's see if anyone else has any further input on this.

Viewing 1 reply thread
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