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      friend from AC on ZED s/b tkts from HNL to Japan wants to know if all economy seats are full, will he be boarded in any available Economy Comfort seats or if full, any available Business Elite seats?

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      Unless there has been something rather recent changing the rules:ZED fares are (Y) COACH based fares and therefore only good in the Coach cabin (to include Economy Comfort).Upgrades to Business or First would not be eligible.The best that can be hoped for is the Economy Comfort seats - BUT - a frequent high value flyer may trump youfrom those - but then he can't occupy two seats at the same time so he would be freeing up a coach seat somewhereelse.Another way to look at the standby situation - If the First/Business cabin is full then there is not going to be muchmovement of the high rollers to the front cabin resulting in empty seats in coach no matter what they are.Choose your flight carefully but stay away from FULL First/Business cabin flight with meager pickings in coach !Watch closely on the short haul flights and even some long haul for fares that are few dollars higher thanthe non-rev SPAV ZEDS. Have a confirmed reservation and the tables turn in your favor for the upgrades !

Viewing 1 reply thread
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