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      Is there a way to create a login for my parents to search for flights, or do I have to give them my deltanet login and password and search for flights for them?

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      To list for flights the 9 digit employee number and the password are needed.
      If using the DeltaNet to research the availability and schedule of flights the login is
      required here also.
      To simply check on the schedule of flights go to and do what is called a dummy
      Put in the city pairs and/or connection points and date and search for the flights.
      Select the flight(s) that fit the travel needs and click on that flight.
      Look further “VIEW SEATS” and click on that to see how many left to select from.
      Don’t see any – this is not a good non-rev flight – on the other side if there are lots
      of empty seats then this flight would be a good pick.
      AT THIS POINT DO NOT GO ANY FURTHER – this is supposed to be a dummy booking and you are
      not actually buying a ticket or reserving space.
      Go back and login into the DeltaNet and list for that flight that looks promising.

      To answer your question you can not create a login for your folks. They would have to use
      your login “WITH EXTREME CARE AND TRUST” and some degree of coaching!

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      Your parents shouldn’t be using your login for Dlnet. You would have to list for them.

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