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      Which day has the heavier passenger load–July 3 or July 4?

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      Traditionally the day before a Holiday is heavier especially at Thanksgiving and Christmas New Years.The 4th of July falls in the middle of the week (Wednesday) this year thus I would expect Tuesday the3rd to be the heavier of the two - "BUT" !!!!! there really is no telling how this will pan out depending onhow many travelers are taking a long weekend - beit Saturday 6/30 to Wednesday 7/4 or Tuesday 7/3to Sunday 7/8.The best way is go to the Delta TravelNet and just simply check the loads and the standby priorities whileyou are there to see if there is a ghost of a chance that your travel plans might work.Another option is to go to and put in the itinerary you would like to travel and then check theseat chart/diagram for how many seats have been selected by the revenue passengers. This is a greatquick visual aid in making a go or no go standby decision.General rule of thumb is to take flights that the traveling generally shy away from - i.e. Red Eye flights andthose departing before the crack of dawn (06:00am). Stay away from flights in the late afternoon and eveningas all the disasters of the day; the delayed cancelled flights snowball into one heck of a mess and the revenuecustomer trumps all freebe standby options and watch out for the frequent flyer upgrades.Alternatively think about going a bit out of your way - say you want to fly to LAX (Los Angeles) think about goinginto SNA (Santa Ana/Orange County) SAN (San Diego) LGB (Long Beach) - - - SFO (San Francisco) use OAK(Oakland) or SJC (San Jose) - - - NYC (New York) JFK LGA EWR - - - MIA (Miami) FLL (Fort Lauderdale) - - -Chicago ORD & MDW (Midway) - - - Washington DC DCA IAD & BWI - - - There are many others not quite soobvious but close enough that you can rent a car or perhaps take a commuter train. Don't get yourself into atravel box - think of ways outside of it.Really desperate if you are the employee active or retired buy the Fly for Less Discount tickets.So right now I think that the traveling public pretty much has planned and booked their travel so your bigconcern is how many standbys are going to come out of the woodwork to try for the same flights you are.Use the computer and check the loads and the standbys - the information is there for your use to make wise decisions. rma

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