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      Hello everybodyWanted to ask about my chances of getting to Hawaii (Non revenue). I choose Delta, because it´s the only carrier that we (Scandinavian Airlines Employees) can use if we want to go to Hawaii(Since our company now only aloows travel with other MYID airlines, our company no longer issues paper tickets, only etkt´s with the participating airlines of myid). I was thinking of going to either LIH via LAX or HNL via NRT. My question is, is it impossible to get on flights, since I work for Scandinavian Airlines, and that gives me very low priority on the stand by list, I´ve tried it with UA many times, and it seems like there are 50 stand by´s on each flight. So is it realistic for me and my girlfriend to get on a Delta flight, travelling dates would be 2-3 of July, and since Kauai is our first choice, but there´s only 1 flight a day from LAX-LIH, but 3 flights a day NRT-HNL with DL, could anybody tell me if this is a crazy idea?? thanks so much in advanceBest regards from a young traveller in Scandinavia

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      Ah Ha just what I like an impossible mission. LOLWell I thought travel from Europe to Japan and then Hawaii (USA) was odd but then I used to travel to Hawaii thru SLC (Salt Lake City) ANC (Anchorage) and then HNL (Honolulu)- "But it Worked" everytime.Yes your OFF line airline status will place you almost at the bottom of the standby list - but that is when you need to thinkoutside the box (odd non-routine travel routes).Basically you should concentrate on first getting to Hawaii.There are frequent inexpensive revenue flights to LIH (Lihue) Hawaii from HNL.So get to the prime travel point first using the best odds with the largest aircraft to the island(s).If that is not viable then consider going a little bit out of the way to get to Hawaii.Your idea via Japan is not as bad as it looks. Over the pole from Europe then across the Pacific to Hawaii.Suggestion since you work for SAS think about CPH (Copenhagen) to SEA (Seattle) and then make the water jump to Hawaii.Recognize that pass travel in Business or First Class on Delta is going to be next to impossible but if you are lucky the Economy Comfort cabin is not a bad way to go - and at least you are getting there next to nothing. That is considering youare using a pass of sorts. A ZED (Zone Fare) is something else a bit more expensive.The time of the day and week will make a big difference in your intended travel plans - so look a day or two before or afteryour travel date.Be very careful about booking reserved space on hotels; car rentals; and of course airline travel when the first leg or two is ona standby basis.*****Something that you should know as well as all non-rev travelers to Hawaii in the summer time is that it is AWFUL busy.According to the statistics of the Hawaii Visitors Bureau summer time travel to the islands EXCEEDS the winter travel by agreat deal. WHY do you ask? Simply Hawaii has pretty much the same weather year round and during the winter time forthe most part only folks in the frozen north think of Hawaii as destination of cold weather relief. Now in the summer theweather has not changed in Hawaii and folks in the southern very hot & very humid states escape to air conditioned Hawaiiand then there is the school vacation factor. Kids and teachers are out of school in the summer adding to the potentialincrease in island travel.*****Still yet with a bit a research and flexible planning "One can fly over the Cuckoos Nest" and have a great vacation time.I don't know if it is still a policy of foreign airlines to give space available passes to stranded Mainland destination airlineemployees - but it got most of the non-revs off the ROCK to the mainland to have more travel options - even AMTRAK -almost but not the same thing as your European Eurail travel.So you will have to be like "Phineas T. Fogg" in Around the World in 80 days and do a great deal of travel planning to pull off theperfect vacation.It can be done sometimes are better than others.Plan your travel around times that are NOT normally acceptable for the traveling public - i.e Red-Eye trips and very earlymorning trips. Stay away from late day trips when all the disasters of delays and cancellations have muddled things past aghost of a chance of getting on a flight. If the standby list has a few (very few) standbys remaining on it don't abandoned thegate area til the door is closed - things do happened - be there to make it happen to you !In this day and age of electronic equipment carry a notebook or internet accessible device to help plan your next step.The Passenger/Customer service agents do not have a great deal of time to assist with non revenue standby problemsand when asked you might receive less than desireable results from a harried agent.As with most standby missions - "Be Flexible - Be Very Flexible" !Hope this puts you into the frame of mind to give it a try.The first time experience in Hawaii is something to be treasured !I have had over 120 crossings to the islands since 1969 - never a boring moment !rma

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      WOW, Thank you so much RMA for your very detailed reply, I really appreciate it.I think we will go via NRT, since SAS has pulled out of SEA 3-4 years ago, a great shame, especially for all the Microsoft people working in CPH.Thanks for all your tips, and I also know never to book hotel, car rental etc until I finally arrive at my destination.The thing with my flying rights as I wrote earlier is that we can no longer fly UA, AA, AS and all the other airlines that also fly to Hawaii and that leaves DL as our only option.I have looked at the 3 flights from NRT-HNL, and there are 3 flights pr day, 2 - 747 and 1 - 767 aircrafts flying, so i will give it a try.On the way back I think our best option to leave HNL, is either to fly to FUK or NGO in Japan, seems like those flights are not full at all. But as you said, it´s summer and anything can happen, so I will be prepared for the worst

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