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So I have a credit due to an unused trip leg…..

Forum Forums General Discussion So I have a credit due to an unused trip leg…..

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      Hi, I'm looking to travel soon and the system shows I have a $400 credit due to an unused leg of a buddy pass recently (got stuck and had to buy a flight home). Does this mean if I book another buddy pass that I have $400 towards the cost of that pass? Or does this mean that I have a credit for one way of my round trip? My Delta friend doesn't know, what is people's experience here?Thanks,Traveler

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      It means you can get a refund to the credit card for the unused part of that buddy pass. One buddy pass has no relationship to another one. You would just buy the next trip on another buddy pass. The one you already started using can't really be used for a lot — you could technically use the one-way remaining part of that buddy pass; or you could change it slightly for a one way that was somehow different, if you were good at manipulating the system a bit…you can call and find out what they will do. You definitely can't do a round trip with it. Let us know what you do!

Viewing 1 reply thread
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