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      Anyone has any advice on where in Spain is great for non-revs to goto?

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      Madrid! Easy to get to and beautiful.

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      Any recommendations as when to go?

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      Have someone check the loads in Travelnet for you.

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      Avoid summertime.

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      Can you list some of spots where I can visit???

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      Are you a member of AAA or CAA (American Automobile Assn) ?Visit their office for loads of free travel info.Go to a book store and get "Fodor's" guide to (the country you are planning on visiting) Spain ?And of course online with the internet ..........My travels to Spain have been limited to the area near Rota Naval Air Station.In that vicinity are airport locations; Seville SVQ and Jerez de la frontera XRY (Jerez is spanish the liquor sherry)Also Gibraltar GIB.Gibraltar is unique in that the airport divides the UK from Spain (the airport is the actual border between the countries).Lots of site seeing to do in the south of Spain with ferryboat trips to Africa and yes awful hot in the summer and crowdedwith tourists from all over europe.Portugal is very close by airport city is Lisbon LIS.Yes do use the TravelNet and check the loads carefully.While there are no Load Weight Balance restrictions like there are on the long haul international flights - if using a buddypass things can be very dicey - think and plan for alternative plan(s) B & C and even D.If you cannot get back to Madrid MAD easily think of Barcelona BCN and even taking the TRAIN Eurail Pass to anothercity such as Paris PAR or Frankfurt FRA - more flights - bigger aircraft means chances are better.And one last note remember that Delta codes shares many flights with KLM with an extensive network of flights/routesin europe with Amsterdam AMS as their european hub city."The world was not made in a day - and the Lords got a good home"!"Have you reached the end of the internet search" ?????

Viewing 6 reply threads
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