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      I know you can see the number of open seats by checking the Delta website by putting in the flgt codes as you would book a flght…but is there a way for a buddy to check the load on the phone number

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      YES !The non-rev phone listing info number is 1-800-325-7123.After dialing that number you must have your 9 digit employee number to enter and the 6 digit employee seniority date.Then simply follow the prompts.The prompts are either voice or using the numeric key pad on the phone - or even a combination of both once you get started.The system has been much improved since the last time I used it.The information provided is exactly the same you would receive if you were on the Delta TravelNet with the addition of ageneralized comment that the flight that you have selected looks - Excellent - Good - Fair - or - Poor.The seat availability is stated First/Business and then Coach and my test matched the TravelNet exactly.HOWEVER - you do not have access to the standby list to check on how many non-revs are listed for the flight and if they areactive; retirees; offline employees or buddys and if searching within 24 hours of the flight seeing the Airport Standby List to seethe revenue upgrades. ******As noted in other posts even if the First/Business cabin looks empty other factors may preclude your getting on the flight you havelisted such of Operational Load Factors. The flights to be of concern are usually the long haul overseas flights.On the plus side sometimes a near empty First/Business cabin will result in one getting a coach seat due to Frequent Flyer upgradeawards. When possible check the flight you would like to list for several days (weeks) before travel to see how things develop and you will have a better idea of your chances. Beware of seasonal flight equipment adjustments and special events such as the Olympicsthis year in the UK. Think of alternate cities and transportation.The only negative comment even if the system has been upgraded is that it is like the first generation of dial up internet service.For simplicity sake you can get the information from any phone anywhere probably just a bit faster than firing up a wireless laptopand logging in - but then things slow down because of answering the prompts and replying.I do not know how you would list a buddy pass rider using your credentials - I have not done this.It is slower than molasses in the winter months. You would do better to check loads on the Delta TravelNet and then usethe view seats function on - but if a phone is all you have - it is all you have - use it - just remember the employee datato log on.rma

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