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      So I bought a buddy pass to fly from JFK (New York) to LHR (London) and flying to London wasn't a problem.

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      I'd be interested to find out too. I'm flying ATL-LGW-ATL in a few days and flights look full on the return trip. I wonder if they are always oversold out of London airports in the summer…how is non-reving out of London airports in general?bkflyer

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      Well, my partner and I both work full time and we've decided we're going to have an early Christmas with just the two of us in early-mid November But, we're struggling to get the perfect destination because we're both indecisive as all heck.So far we've decided1) we want to keep it within Australia because it'll only be 4-5 days2) we don't want to spend a lot of that time travelling to the destination3) we don't want to drive for more than 10 hours home in any direction (from Newcastle, NSW)4) if we fly, we would rather go somewhere we wouldn't have to hire a car (or use sticky public transport (November is hot!)5) Where ever we go, we don't want it to cost more than $250 a nightSo far we've checked out the Barrington Tops, Hamilton Island and the Hunter Valley but we're struggling to decide...

Viewing 2 reply threads
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