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Transit Visa Needed for Filipinos on Delta Buddy Pass?!

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      It was my first time using a Delta Buddy Pass but upon checking at Manila Airport en route to Honolulu (via Nagoya) I was told by the staff that I needed a Japanese transit visa which caught me off guard as I did not secure because I was not informed beforehand. Did anyone experience something like this?

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      Research and homework in planning international travel is a must for things to go smoothly.This even more so for the asian and southeast asian countries.The European block countries are not so much of a problem but eastern block & Russia dopose problems especially at times of political unrest.So you plan and plan and find a routing taking you from "A" to "B" but then complicationsyou have to travel thru country X maybe Y and then the dreaded Z (Omega end of the road).You need all the required documents to travel thru these countries even though your initialtravel plans did not require transit or a stop there.So things are not going as plan and you execute Plan B a new round-a-about routing to yourdestination.Now even if an airline flys you thru your alternate routing it is required to make sure all thepaper work is in order otherwise it can not transport you thru that routing.But then something slips thru the cracks and you wind up in Anti-Timbuktu.If the airline doesn't follow procedures correctly you could wind up being stranded in a foreign airporttil a flight can be arranged to get you moving again and maybe at full revenue cost?So beware of the strange routings you may conjure up to get where you are going.Some of the times the cost to get the VISA's transit documents and plan the travel thru oddpoints may just be better to simply buy a cheap-o ticket.Planning travel several months out may give you the best buy.Have to travel within the month not so much room to work the discounts and allow for periodsof travel restrictions i.e. Buddy Passes can be a real headache at times.Nobody said it would be easy.Win some and lose some - plan carefully - know when to buy a ticket with reservation and simplystay away from standby travel as lucrative as it may seem.If you do have to buy a ticket subscribe to a (American Express/Delta) credit card with an airlineaffiliation to score miles or travel points to use on your next trip.Maybe not the answer you were looking for - but a reality check helps every now and then.rma

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