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      What is the process and cost to travel on partner airlines and how do you figure the cost. Traveling JFK to Stockholm in July and the flight is KLM

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      First Log into the DeltaNet – – –Then on the Main web page look on the banner bar for EMPLOYEE INFO - - -Click on that and then click on DELTA PERKS in the drop down menu - - -Go to the right hand side of the page and find DISCOUNTS WITH DELTA - - -Click on OTHER AIRLINE TRAVEL - - -Page opens to the ZED (Zone Fare) - - -Look around and then move down to KLM the carrier you want to travel on - - -At this point I will leave you to filter thru the information.On KLMs web site look at the cost of buying a ticket with reservation and weight thisagainst buying a ZED fare standby ticket.Do you save some money by going standby -OR- is it better to have a confirmed ticket?Some times the difference is so trite that it is worth having the positive confirmed ticket!HEY STOP THE PRESSES - I JUST CHECKED AND DELTA FLYS JFK TO ARN (Flight 202 or KLM code share 6002)If you traveled today ALL non-revs made the flight most in First/Business class.If this flight is full on the day of your travel plans look at flying into AMS (Amsterdam) and taking a trainto ARN (Stockholm). Stay out of the British Isles due to the uncertain travel Summer Olympic Games embargoes etc!rma

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