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Traveling to Istanbul in April

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      I will be trying to get to Istanbul from Seattle in late April. I'll be coming back around mid-May. I've never flown non-rev international and am wondering if anyone has any tips to pass along. I want to try SEA-JFK-Istanbul and have given myself 3 days on either end. Is this enough?

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      3 days sounds good.

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      If you are the employee or retiree your options are a great deal more than the buddy pass.Alternate routes could include code share partners (KLM AF & AZ) cities AMS CDG FRA FCO.Also consider an Eurail Pass - Yes Train Service - if you get to europe and have three days toplay the game then check out that possibility if air service looks impossible.Early pre-summer travel that you have planned should pose no problem (embargoed UK servicedue to summer olympic games) so you could also include LHR.Consider buying a economy ticket on a non code share partner - check the other airline(s)website for schedule and fares.rma

Viewing 2 reply threads
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