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      I want to non-rev from a US location to Japan and will be traveling with as a companion pass. Since I’m not going with my sister she is not willing to help me determine which is the best Delta hub to fly out of. I don’t like to leave out of Atlanta because there are to many season employees with high employment dates.

      Anyone have a suggestion.

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      Try MSP – DTW – JFK – SEA – LAX – PDX and HNL*
      Yes HNL but getting to Honolulu maybe a problem in itself !
      Then go back to ATL as a very last resort.
      Of course if you are already in ATL getting to one of the other hub
      cities may pose a problem too. There is an awful amount of high
      seniority active employees going ATL-MSP deadheading and commuter
      flight crews – same to DTW JFK and probably not so much SEA.
      Consider the equipment being used best with a 747 and not so good
      with the 767 the 777 falls in between.
      Plan your return carefully – getting there is fine but getting back
      can be just as much of a challenge – but take the fork in road
      take it to any city in the USA offers more options to get back.

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      Thank you so much for your reply. You confirmed for me that I was looking at the correct departure cities. The only one I didn’t consider is HNL. My plan is to give my self two days on the start and end of the trip in order to make sure I can get there and back in the time I need. Thanks for the heads up on the return I will make sure I have a good listing of all my options for getting back.

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      Hi I was wondering what city did you picked to travel to Japan? I’m trying to travel to Japan this coming May, but I’m very worried too try different cities. I normally go to ATL- JAPAN or DTW- JAPAN but right now the seats and the standby list doesn’t look very nice.

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      I flew into Tokyo from LAX. I focused on the locations that are not weight listed or sometimes weight listed.

      LAX and JFX doesn’t show weight listed and MSP is sometimes. I didn’t even considered DWT or ATL or SEA because they are weight listed. I chose LAX since there are two flights per day. One to NRT in the AM and one to HND in the PM. JFK was my back up since availability looked good but there is only one flight per day. LAX was tight I had to use a S2 going. I also choose to go in the middle of the week. I returned on a Friday from NRT and the flight was wide open.

      Don’t worry about trying different US departure cities…give yourself an extra day going and coming back just in case there are issues. Be prepared to use a S2 if you have to. I took the advice of r.m. Anderson.

      My trip was WONDERFUL and I think I made the right decision going out of LAX. Now I will say that I returned on a Friday and I got bumped off three flights out of LAX to ATL. But that is why I gave myself the extra day (a weekend) to ensure I would get back home when I needed to.

      Let me know if there is any other information tips I can help you with based on my experience if this is your first time going to Japan. It was fantastic

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      Correction DTW not DWT

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      Yes it will be my first time traveling to Japan. Thank You so much! that helps a lot. I’ll be traveling next week 🙂 hopefully there won’t be any problems. Thank You again :))

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      Looking for some advice/info. I have been watching return flights to the US from Japan and have noticed there are no non-revs getting on due to an extreme number of HKs. What is going on? Trying to determine if my kids should non-rev and join their father who is there on business- we are S3C (DS)

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