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      Myself and a friend are travelling to Thailand in April. Both of us are pilots for DCI carriers. Does anyone have any tips for getting in and out of Bangkok? Is it easier to go through Tokyo or Singapore? We are based in ATL. Any advice would be appreciated!

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      One thing I can tell you is that the ATL-NRT flight is often weight restricted. I once waited three days and gave up without going to NRT. Later, I tried via MSP and it was fine. I'd recommend avoiding the ATL-NRT flight.

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      I think Thailand safe for a single woman to travel in. Just do the normal things to make you safe as per any country. Don't get isolated, don't accept drinks from people you don't know, don't wear provocative clothing, don't get drunk etc. Thai men have a tendency to gang rape, and so as I said before "don't get isolated."

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      A couple of quick questions for y'all. I'm a pilot for AE and will be traveling to Thailand next month. I'm looking to jumpseat/non-rev from BKK-NRT on Delta. Is this possible or will I have to buy a zed fair? Also if this is possible, how is it navigating NRT to get from Delta to American? Would I have to redo security, etc. Thanks in advance!

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