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      Hello folks!Can anyone tell me why the availability on travel net seems to be much different than exampleI'm currently listed on a nonrev flight from XXX to Jamaica and travel net shows the following:Reservation list - Business: 6(av)/6(au), coach: 15(av)/23(au) Airport stdby list - Business: 10 seats remaining, Coach: 43 seats remainingHowever, when I go to to try and book the same flight, it gives me the following seats to choose from:10 first class seats available15 regular coach seats available13 economy comfort coach seats available- so at, there are 38 total seats unsoldSince travel net only shows 15 coach seats available (instead of 28 seats like does that mean nonrev passengers will not be seated in the 13 economy comfort seats???Bottom many unsold seats are there on this flight? And how many no revs will be allowed on this flight? Your input is greatly appreciated! Thx

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