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      I had a buddy pass booked in October, plans changed, and I did not make the trip. How do I use this pass to schedule a new flight?

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      Hi there,You can easily reschedule your buddy pass for another date for the same itinerary. Your friend who originally booked the trip (the Delta employee) is supposed to be your primary point of contact, but if you can't get in touch with him or her, or don't want to bother him or her, you can call Delta's customer service number. It's better to do so during off hours when they're not busy...If you want to do an entirely different itinerary, then calling the regular customer service number is discouraged. You should try go through the same person who helped you book the flight before you call customer service.Also, note that they used to charge a fee of $25 to do itinerary changes. I'm not sure if they still do.Here's link to a buddy pass etiquette guide:

Viewing 1 reply thread
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