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What are the best cities to avoid Load Optimization?

Forum Forums Non-Rev Travel What are the best cities to avoid Load Optimization?

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      trying to go to MNL tried for 2 days out of ATL and SEA both effected by Load Optimization.

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      Avoid just about all cities with 12 hour or more non-stop service with heavy passenger and/or cargo loads.Or schedule your flight(s) when the LoadOpt is not used.Sometimes weather is factor (think headwinds) equipment substitution is another possibility. Think about using space-available ZED fares on completing carriers.You were planning travel to Manila - so some of your alternatives would be Air New Zealand; All Nippon; Japan;Quantas; Singapore and any other carrier that reciprocates with Delta.Use a Delta free pass to the point that connects you with the least expensive ZED to get to the finaldestination.I know easier said than done.Another option is buy the "Fly for less discount employee fares".When you consider the overall picture of your travel plans sometimes time is more valuable than moneyor trying to squeeze in a free ride on a segment that just will not permit it.Hints & tips hope this was useful.rma

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