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      Hypothetically, let’s say I’m traveling ATL-SEA-ICN, round trip, on a buddy pass. Assume I make the first leg, ATL-SEA, just fine, but don’t get boarded for the SEA-ICN leg.

      First, do I talk to an agent at the gate, call the 800 number, or log into TravelNet to solve the issue?

      Second, will they just put me on the standby list for the next available flight from SEA-ICN, or will I be sent back, or something else?

      Third, will this situation cost my delta employee an extra buddy pass?

      Fourth, let’s say that I try and try but am unable to get from SEA-ICN on standby… would I be able to change my final destination mid-travel to, say, Tokyo, where I could then purchase a cheap ticket to/from Seoul? Would this solution cost my delta employee an extra buddy pass?

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      This is a pretty common scenario. It’s happened to me plenty of times.

      You wait for the flight to dispatch, and then the agents will usually have a bit of time to talk to you. Even if they do not, they will know you were waiting there and you will typically be automatically listed on the next flight. However, it’s your responsibility to ensure that you are listed, so I recommend talking to them after the flight leaves (and after they have done their paperwork). If you don’t manage to speak to them you can always call the 800 number, go to a Delta counter at the airport, or even another gate if the agents there seem to not be too busy (don’t bug them if they are working a flight), and they can help you get listed. Or, your Delta friend (or even you, although we all know your friend is not supposed to provide his or her login so do not advertise if this is the case) can relist.

      You won’t be sent back, and you won’t need another buddy pass. No additional costs will be incurred. You will just have to wait until the next day unless there’s another flight that same day. If the flights look very full for days and days you may decide to go back home. If you do decide this, they would then use the return leg of your buddy pass to purchase your return ticket, and you’d get a refund for the difference, and you would then need another buddy pass to try the trip again later.

      You can try another destination. If you had a feeling SEA-NRT (Tokyo) was wide open, you could ask an agent to change it for you. You might even get a slight refund, as I believe it’s closer. It would be up to you to keep your return flight the same (from Seoul) or change it as well to leave from Tokyo. And, you could make those changes also while you are overseas by calling Delta or using TravelNet.

      Also, on that subject, there are different ways to get to Seoul — I think there is a connecting flight to Seoul that changes in Tokyo, so that would have been the first option to try when you found out that you weren’t going to make it on the direct flight from SEA to ICN.

      Good luck and let us know how you go!

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      Im in the same situation, ATL-ICN but mines in late June. I hope you get to Seoul safety & please update us! :3

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      If you have checked baggage – find out what is happening with it.
      Did it go on without you (not supposed to happen) ?
      Did it get returned to the claim area awaiting your further instructions ?
      Or did Delta automatically carry it over to the next flight ?

      If you elect a different routing to your destination – remember your
      baggage needs to be rechecked on that routing !!!

      No checked baggage – well that is one less thing to worry and fret about !

      If your new routing is with a smaller airplane will all your carry on
      baggage be able to be accommodated on another full flight ?

      Will your new routing entail other travel documents VISA etc. ?

      The trip maybe FREE or next to nothing in cost but the grief something else !

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