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      My mom is a Delta employee, and was attempting to look up flight information for me for Spring Break in March…. we can't list for anywhere. literally, we tried like 10 different cities, and we don't even get the option for listing ourselves and taking chances on flights on our own knowledge of maybe not getting on anymore? I think this merger with NWA is a load of crap. NWA employees are getting screwed, due to Delta's policy. They are taking away the best enjoyment of working for an airline company, it's pretty bad when the employee them self can't even list for a flight, or their companion or child. Places we are unable to travel to that we checked for the flexible dates of March 11-March 20th..HonoluluLos AngelesOrlandoMiamiNew OrleansTampaSan AntonioSan DiegoRIDICULOUS.

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      Have you tried again recently? I think it's a lot easier to list now. For a while you couldn't list on the NW flights, but they've integrated the systems better now.

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